bindigirl (prema murthy)

in this section of bindigirl (there are multiple elements to the project, including a chat conversation and streaming video), the viewer sees a series of nude and sexually suggestive photos, each accompanied by a quote from the kama sutra of vatsayana ("continually practicing ways of enjoyment as taught by him","adapting her tastes and actions to his liking","doing everything to his satisfaction", "remaining silent"). she is questioning the meaning of these lines. some subvert women, as students instead of teachers, adapting their lives to the likes of men. "...the desire of wanting to be known or to know on an intimate level and at the same time finding safety, even power in distance, in being mysterious - liberation in not being easily categorized." -says murthy in an interview on

there is a constant interplay between religion and technology in bindigirl. the lotus flower, the text used, bindi, or with the bindis she wears over her genitals, breasts and on her forehead. ("a bindi signifies female energy (shakti) and is believed to protect women and their husbands") revealed in the bio of bindi, she says: "at first i thought technology would save me, arm me with my weapons. then i turned to religion. but both have let me down. they continue to keep me confined to my "proper" place."

murthy's work is a commentary on technology as a substitute for religion, and with how we use technology for sexual pleasure. "bindi is meant to poke fun at how we have used these tools so far to achieve a so-called "higher existence" and "greater cultural understanding." -murthy, interview

prema murthy is yet another member of the OBN whose work is featured here.