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Can the art exist separate from the artist? Is the artwork in the code or on the screen? Are net artists about to be drawn toward the creation of unique artifacts? Artists In Sight is a series of written and streaming video interviews with the artists themselves. In web art more than other arts, the artist can choose to remain faceless, but we go searching in the digital jungle and try to record and document these floating subjectivities whose art work spans the internet.

||| HIAFF 3.0 | university of colorado | department of art and art history | digital arts area | in conjunction with alt-x | atlas | blurr

[net practice]

(h)activism >
+ lisa hutton

digital narrative >
+ adrienne eisen
+ donna leishman
+ brooke burgess

cyborg-cell.ves >
+ erik loyer
+ martin wattenberg
+ talan memmott

metascapes >
+ mark napier
+ heath bunting

not.art >
+ kenneth john taylor

image.mapping >
+ john f. simon, jr.
+ andy deck

gui.art >
+ antonio mendoza
[net theory]

praxis >
+ giselle beiguelman
+ lev manovich

[TECHNE visiting artist video streams]
+ cory arcangel
+ mark tribe
+ dj spooky
+ john simon
+ alex galloway
+ randall packer

[mapping transitions panel]
+ mary flanagan, lisa jevbratt, john klima, and christiane paul

[selected artists]
+ young hae-chang
+ melinda rackham
+ kim stringfellow