techne_lab: diversions into practice-based research

Operating as a conduit for experimental dialogue around practice-based research,
techne_lab is at once a limited run academic journal, a finite podcast, a sequence
of affective audio essays and an archive of philosophical source material for future
forms of postproduction art. Produced inside the University of Colorado TECHNE lab
in conjunction with the Doctoral Program in Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance (IAWP),
each episode features the voice(s) of artist-educators affiliated with the IAWP program.

These voices improvise and articulate the experiential qualities of contemporary art and
writing practices as well as emerging research methodologies. The research conducted in
IAWP program reflects the rapidly transforming knowledge systems and digital media
economies emerging from the substantial technological shifts currently taking place
in our society. Traditional scholarly and creative work outputs such as the single-authored
print book or conventional gallery exhibitions have already been challenged by the
emergence of multi-authored and/or hybridized forms of transmission such as Internet art
sites, electronic literature, live audio/visual performance, multi-platform storytelling
or transmedia narratives, software art, interactive installations for public spaces,
augmented reality, game art, networked media activism, and innovative art applications
for mobile devices and tablets.

TECHNE is a practice-based research initiative in the digitally-expanded intermedia arts
and writing founded in 2000 by Professor Mark Amerika at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
The lab is focused on inventing new forms of knowledge associated with intermedia art, writing,
and performance as well as emerging modes of scholarly thought. Recent research projects have
featured net art, transmedia narratives, live audio/visual performances, hybidrized print
and electronic scholarly publications, interactive museum installations, mobile cinema
and art applications for personal phones and tablets, and experiments in the digital humanities.

techne_lab is co-produced by Mark Amerika & PhD candidate Ryan Wade Ruehlen.