featuring joel swanson

This episode highlights artist Joel Swanson's interests
in conceptual language art, experiential fonts, verbal
patterns, operating at the border of legibility and illegibility,
and the use of poetic devices in installation. As with all of
the techne_lab productions, this podcast itself becomes a
manifestation of such investigations and confronts the listener
with signs, illegibility, noise, and romance tied to space travel,
failure and pedagogy.

Joel Swanson lives and works in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.
His work chiefly explores the glitches and failings of linguistic
systems. Swanson's work ranges from digital art to sculpture to
interactive installation. Thematically his work explores the
structures and technologies of language, their materialities,
and their modes of signification. Swanson is an Assistant
Professor in the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado,
Boulder where he teaches courses on digital art, typography,
and media theory. He received his Masters of Fine Art at the
University of California, San Diego with a focus in Computing
and the Arts.