narrative currents:
featuring john barber & mark amerika

Featuring the voices of John Barber and Mark Amerika
in conversation at Boulder Creek in the spring of 2016.
John Barber teaches in The Creative Media & Digital
Culture program (CMDC) at Washington State University
Vancouver where students learn not only to conceptualize
and build interactive, multimedia applications, but also
to think critically about digital media and the personal,
social, and cultural ways in which humans will interact
and engage with its artifacts.

This episode experiments with new acoustic narrative
strategies, questions why electronic literature resists
audio-only artworks, and subverts conventions associated
with the radio medium.

Some questions we ask while letting the environment
underwrite our aesthetic currency:

How do we make sense of sound as the central component
of narrative?

What kinds of engaging, immersive listening experiences
can we create and share with many listeners to recenter
sound as the primary component of narrative, storytelling,
and drama?