post-documentary naturalism:
feauturing erin espelie

In this episode, filmmaker and writer Erin Espelie discusses
the importance of mindful data capturing as part of a more
integrated practice-based research methodology that focuses
on how artists such as herself sample disparate ideas from
traditional sources and remix them into speculative forms of
post-documentary filmmaking. Espelie shares with our listeners
how as an intermedia artist she uses digital technologies to
trigger both emotional and psychological effects for the viewer
while simultaneously revealing how critical it is for contemporary
practitioners to approach both the natural environment and
contemporary screen culture as a framing device for developing
new works of art that defamiliarize conventional world views
and historical perspectives.

Espelie, who holds a joint appointment at the University of
Colorado Boulder in the Film Studies Program and the Department
of Critical Media Practices, has shown her films at the New York
Film Festival, the British Film Institute, the Natural History
Museum of London, Whitechapel Gallery, Crossroads (San Francisco),
the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Edinburgh
International Film Festival, the Full Frame Documentary Festival,
and more. Her feature-length experimental documentary, The Lanthanide
Series, examines the materiality of the digital world, combining
approaches of non-fiction narrative essay, abstract visual and
sound exploration, and the history of black mirrors.