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[Intro] George Orwell may never have envisioned that Big Brother would be voluntary. The idea of broadcasting ones own life to the world every minute of the day not only raises issues of privacy, but creates a mechanism for fictionalizing oneself. Amandacam.com is one such site where a woman has placed herself in front of a group of web cameras and lets the world look in on her, non-stop. The cameras, taken as a whole, creates a multi-linear look at Amanda's life. Essentially she has transmogrified herself into a hypertextual body of fiction. This also reflects the current entertainment trend of public self-observation; the hypertexted body no longer settles for simply observing art, it wants to be in the art. The hottest television programming is now reality based: Cops, Survivor, Temptation Island, Real World, Jerry Springer et al, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? One can experiment with cam browsing by typing any name and placing 'cam.com' after it and going to that address. Although many of these addresses have been co-opted by porn sites, others can lead to many interesting hypertext(ed) bodies.