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Donna Leishman


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Grace Stearns: How would you describe "RedRidingHood" in one to two sentences?

Donna Leishman: RedRidingHood is a non-textual animated exploration into engaging the viewer in a recognizable narrative experience, combining the utterly and moderately linear alongside random non-authored sequences ( the dream section).

GS: Would you consider "RedRidingHood" to fall under the category of Digital Narrative (if no, how would you describe the category which applies)?

DL: Yes, but the term Digital Narrative suggests to me that the project was conceived digitally. Whereas it spent a fair amount of time being developed as 'traditional' illustrations and sketches. It was the inherent urge to imbue interaction within this story that left me no choice (and no It wasn't like walking over a bed of hot coals) to convert my ideas into digital forms.

GS: After concluding that "point-and-click interaction" does not interfere with a story's flow, would you say that you think computer based narratives will become more widely viewed and appreciated (what do these pieces have to offer over more traditional literary forms)?

DL: I think that computer based narratives offer new forms of narrative interaction / interventions. This fore mostly over other existing traditional literary practice, but also they offer the ability for group collaborations and further development of serious play. Internet based digital narratives also offer a closer or a less hidden contact (the absence of a publishing body) between author/designer and the audience with email. The appreciation of these essentially structurally challenging stories is in my mind a given (for every author there is an audience?). Whereas I feel the lack of unified and quality offerings is suppressing the impact on the mainstream culture and audiences.

GS: How did you become involved in Internet based artwork?

DL: In earned my spurs initially working for then Scotland's' Premier Web Design consultancy (www.Blackid.com), which almost always had me involved in very corporate treatments of subject matter. Whilst there I was introduced to both Flash animation, and a core group of overworked / underpaid talented multimedia artists (who have since become friends and inspirations www.flamjam.com, www.itsnotrocketscience.com). Having discovered the wonders within the world of Flash, I speedily departed to dedicate a years' concentration on a self-led project. The end product of that year (that and 4 months of funky but commercial flash training with New York production house www.Bullseyeart.com) was a Masters in Design (specializing in Interactive Narratives) and the RedRidinghood submission on 6amhoover. At present in the middle developing the next project (running under the name Angel Interceptor), and embarking on lots of new reading and thinking for a practice based PhD here at in Glasgow School of Art.