body wisdom:
featuring michelle ellsworth & mark amerika

Featuring Michelle Ellsworth and Mark Amerika in conversation,
this episode almost becomes an actual podcast, or at least moves
in that direction, with the two artists talking about the
relationship of physiology to memory and philosophy and what it
means to produce signals that shift various dance and gestural
forms into a mediated territory. What is the body's relationship
to knowing and why do we always take this way?

Michelle Ellsworth's work spans video, performable websites,
drawing and live performances and employs absurdist humor, new
technologies, monologue, and dance. She has exhibited or performed
at Fusebox (Austin), On the Boards (Seattle), Counterpath (Denver),
Chocolate Factory (Long Island City, NY), DiverseWorks (Houston, TX),
Dance Theatre Workshop (New York City), and the Abrons Arts
Center (New York City).