demo and die:
featuring lori emerson, piotr marecki, brian kane, and mark amerika

The Author as Network-Potential. The Work of Art as The
Value-Added Network. Hypertext Theory as Commercial Aura.
Participatory Autonomy as Collective Self-Reliance.
Cyborg-Narrator as Writing-Machine. Pedagogical Performance
as Scene of Writing. Illimitable Plenitude as Digital Being.

In this episode, artist and theorist Piotr Marecki and Mark
Amerika perform a simultaneous reading of Amerika's 1996
Hypertextual Consciousness and then discuss the anarchist
tendencies in the post-communist era Demo Culture. The
conversation evolves into threads o hacking software,
non-artistic intent, and fighting against proprietary,
closed software and systems in order to create a more
democratic society.

Piotr Marecki is Assistant Professor in the Department
of Contemporary Culture at the Institute of Culture at the
Jagiellonian University in Krakow, lecturer at the Polish
National Film, Television and Theater School (PWSFTviT) in
todz and the Krakow School of Screenwriting. He has studied
at the Jagiellonian University (film studies, media studies,
cultural studies) and Andrzej Wajda Master School of Directing
in Warsaw (Creative Producing). He holds a PhD in cultural
studies from The Jagiellonian University. He has been visiting
fellow at universities and cultural centres in Europe and the
United States, including MIT (USA), The University of Bucharest
(Romania), Institute of Arts (Czech Republic). Since 1999 he
is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of "Ha!art" magazine,
website newspaper and the Publishing House and charmain of
the board at Korporacja Ha!art Foundation. His interests
include Polish literature after 1989, independent culture,
new media literature, experimental writing, cultural margins,
film adaptations, and screenwriting.

Lori Emerson is an Associate Professor in the Department of
English and the Intermedia Arts, Writing, and Performance Program
at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is also Founding
Director of the Media Archaeology Lab. She write about media poetics
as well as the history of computing, media archaeology, media theory,
and digital humanities with two book projects, "Other Networks",
a history of telecommunications networks that existed before or
outside of the Internet; as well as "THE LAB BOOK: Situated
Practices in Media Studies".

Brian Kane is an artist and designer who works with art and
technology in the fields of holography, gaming, robotics,
internet and mobile, ux, interactive video and entertainment.
His fine art has been exhibited in museums and gallery worldwide.
He teaches at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI.