tactile portals:
featuring lori emerson & julie carr

Converging and rupturing programmatic methods,
practice-based research systems as creative practice,
the theory and practice of doing, carving out a space
for media archaeological digs. How do we learn and how
can we develop new ways of reading the world?

Julie Carr is a poet, publisher, and professor, living
in Denver, Colorado with Tim Roberts and their three
children. Her poems and essays have appeared in such
journals as The Nation, Boston Review, APR, New American
Writing, Denver Quarterly, Volt, A Public Space, 1913 and
elsewhere. A former dancer, she now collaborates regularly
with dance-artist K.J. Holmes, creating text/sound scores
for performance works. She has also collaborated with film
and video artist Christina Battle. With Tim Roberts she is
the co-director of Counterpath, an independent literary
press and a bookstore/gallery/performance space in Denver.

Carr holds a BA from Barnard College, an MFA from New York
University, and a Ph.D. in English from the University of
California, Berkeley. She is an associate professor at the
University of Colorado, Boulder.

Lori Emerson is an Associate Professor in the Department
of English and the Intermedia Arts, Writing, and Performance
Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is
also Founding Director of the Media Archaeology Lab. She
write about media poetics as well as the history of computing,
media archaeology, media theory, and digital humanities with
two book projects, "Other Networks", a history of telecommunications
networks that existed before or outside of the Internet; as
well as "THE LAB BOOK: Situated Practices in Media Studies".