ar Art + Research: CFP The TECHNE Lab is seeking proposals for projects that interrogate the materiality of the book, in particular the scholarly monograph, as it functions in its role of disseminating the outcomes of scholarly research. Our forthcoming Art + Research publication / exhibition initiative operates at the interface of intermediated forms of art, writing and performance and challenges scholars, artists, writers, and theorists alike to generate alternative forms of scholarly communication that will serve as prototypes for newly expanded and hybridized forms of creative research. Read the Call for Proposals. We are also starting a new e-pamphlet series that foregrounds the relationship between creative research methodologies and contemporary art practice, critical making, and digital scholarship. Read the Call for Proposals.

    techne_lab podcast techne_lab podcast Operating as a conduit for experimental dialogue around practice-based research, techne_lab is at once an experimental academic journal, an episodic podcast, a sequence of essays composed as sound art and a growing archive of philosophical source material for future forms of postproduction art. Each episode features the voice(s) of artists, writers and theorists affiliated with the new Phd program in Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance. Listen here.

    MOGA Museum of Glitch Aesthetics Museum of Glitch Aesthetics is an elaborate transmedia narrative art project that features the life and artwork of a mythological figure known only as The Artist 2.0. The project, commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices in conjunction with the London 2012 Olympics, includes over 25 unique artworks composed in a variety of media as well as an original, 86-page color catalog.

    DATA DATA The TECHNE Lab has joined forces with the CU Media Archaeology Lab (MAL) to form DATA, a cross-disciplinary practice-based research initiative conducting research at the interface of cultural technics, early net art, and performing-the-archive. The initiative was co-founded by CU professors Mark Amerika and Lori Emerson and is sponsored by the Center for Humanities and the Arts (CHA).

    Remixthebook remixthebook remixthebook investigates the long history of artistic and literary practices that experiment with remix culture, appropriation, collage, hacktivism, and postproduction art. Operating as both a print book published with the University of Minnesota Press and an expanded website with over 25 collaborative contributions from artists including TECHNE faculty associates Michelle Ellsworth, Michael Theodore, Lori Emerson, Joel Swanson and Julie Carr, can also be accessed as open source material for course adoption.

    Immobilitié Immobilité Released as the world's first feature-length arthouse film shot entirely on a mobile phone, Immobilité has been exhibited in numerous museums and film festivals around the world. The work intentionally blurs the distinction between digital film, video art, net art, and electronic literature. The project website also includes a free iPhone app and Director's Notebook.

    HIAFF Histories of Internet Art and Fictions and Factions Initially released in 2000 as the first student-generated collaborative history of early net art in any university, the Histories of Internet Art and Fictions and Factions project is an archive of TECHNE student lab work composed during the years 2000-2007 and includes net art curations, interviews with prominent net artists and student net art works.